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An Alternative Modality for Veterans…

Team Veteran is working to help connect Veterans with Harch Hyperbarics in LA who treat Veterans with HBOT for PTS and TBI, helping our Brothers and Sisters out of the danger zones they may be in…

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Dr. Paul Harch

Follow USMC SSgt James Carey, from CA to AZ to LA, through his HBOT treatment on our blog

Team Veteran and James Carey Donation

USMC SSgt James Carey with his Carey Corps receiving a donation from Gordon Brown through Team Veteran LLC


Charles Rotenberry

VIDEO: Regaining Life After An Invisible Combat Wound:
The Gunnery Sergeant Charles Rotenberry Family Story

Khloe baby regains sight

This was a short video [which has been made private as of summer 2015] of a seven month old baby girl rendered blind from a herpes brain infection at four months of age who regains vision in her left visual field, balance, and animation after two weeks of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Curt Allen, Jr. was a 17 year old who was involved in a high speed motor vehicle accident in June, 2004, in which he sustained severe traumatic brain injury. Curt was in a coma at the scene of the accident. He was admitted to an acute care hospital, underwent brain surgery to relieve pressure and placed in the ICU in critical condition. After one month he was transferred to a highly regarded post-acute brain injury rehabilitation center in Southeast Louisiana where he remained for 3 months. During these three months he made such minimal progress that he was discharged as a failure of standard intensive traumatic brain injury therapy. The video to the left is “October 2004 Post Brain Sugery”

As a follow up to Curt Allen, Jr, situation, he now lives in his own 2-bedroom place in north Louisiana, drives a car and works at a national retailer store.

See http://hbot.com/video regarding Curt and these two time periods that lead to his success he experiences today:

  • 3.5 Monthes after starting HBOT
  • 9 Months after Dismissal from Rehab for Failure to Improve

See more videos at Harch Media to learn about The Harch Hyperbarics and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment

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