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The First Cost of Freedom is Supporting Our Veterans!™

Join Our Mission & Open your doors to getting paid daily.

Joining forces with Disruptive Business Trends are the hot motivators in today’s society.

We invite Veterans, 1st Responders, their families and fellow Americans to help Protect & Empower North America

Who wants to

  • be in front of disruptive business models creating financial freedom?
  • be on base, when the team and members are making home runs?
  • get paid when people activate apps on their mobile devices?
  • Protect & Empower ourselves & children?
  • make a difference while making a living?
  • worry less and live more?
  • join our mission[s]?
  • be entrepreneurial?
  • Get Paid Daily?

We have a couple solutions/tools to help your financial goals, which at the same time creates sustainable funding and donations [without people or companies needing to write a donation check].

Mission 1: As data breaches & pandemic identity theft issues, which have 70% legal afflictions too, one of our missions is growing stronger, already protecting over 4-Million lives and we want to invite you to consider joining this particular mission of Team Veteran. It’s been saving lives too! On the Mission 1 page, check out how this solution saved the life of some Veterans.

Mission 2: How many people live life in the palm of their hands? Everyone has mobile devices. Where are all those photos and memories being put? On social media and storage facilities with Terms and Conditions that would scare or upset you.  Get paid weekly for sharing how people can Collect, Curate and Celebrate their photos, memories and lives.  Founded by an Army Veteran, you may love this!  Guarantee your photos for your life time +100 years!

Working in partnership with Team Veteran & Team Veteran Foundation, there is a win-win-win solution for everyone. 

Want to learn more? Ready to get started? Contact us now to receive your mission orders!

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