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Companies that donate a part of their profits to Veterans Companies that donate a part of their profits to Veterans

Companies that donate a part of their profits to Veterans

The First Cost of Freedom is Supporting Our Veterans

Stop Labeling and Drugging Our Troops

Cops helping Vets - Phoenix Marathon

LegalShield and Kroll's IDShield

Supporting Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association

Companies that donate a part of their profits to Veterans

Team Veteran is starting what the federal govt won't do

Heal the brain with HBOT

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Companies that donate a part of their profits to Veterans

December 21, 2015 by Terry Kohler

Small or large corporate giving programs account for billions of dollars in donations each year.

When employees donate money, services, or products to nonprofits, corporations either match or support these donations, and commonly do so monetarily. Companies also match through time, expertise, equipment, and other means.

Nearly every business donates to nonprofits in some (more…)

Do memorials, monuments and statues save lives of Veterans?

May 5, 2014 by Terry Kohler

Team Veteran is about supporting veterans by giving them a chance to live productive lives even though they are fighting through many challenges trying to re-assimilate into American culture. Help us help them.

Here is an important short video message about memorials, monuments and statues.

Monuments Monuments Cemetery

Veteran Crisis!

July 19, 2012 by Gordon Brown

Time Magazine

We have a crisis in this country! Every 65 minutes a Veteran commits suicide and every day an active duty member of the services does as well. That is 22 Veterans a day, which means, if you are a Veteran you are almost 4 times more likely to take your own life, than someone from the non-Veteran population.

Our founder, Gordon Brown, a Vietnam Veteran was asked “What’s your rush? [about Team Veteran]”. Well with these sobering statistics you can understand why he believes “Time is of the Essence”.

Suicides rates are even higher among (more…)

Flags for the Fallen

July 14, 2012 by Gordon Brown
Flags for the Fallen

Flags for the Fallen on CBS

This is a great story reported on CBS, about one man’s dedication and commitment to our fallen heroes. Larry Eckhardt will drive 100s of miles to make sure a fallen soldier is honor with flags along there procession route.

Larry has been doing this for 6 years and accomplishes this through his own money and donations. He has picked up volunteers along the way that (more…)

So We Don’t Forget

June 6, 2012 by Gordon Brown
Billie D Harris, 1Lt US Army Air Corps

1st Lt Billie D Harris

We often say nasty things about the French. This story will change your mind about the tiny village of Les Ventes, Normandy, France.

This small village in Normandy has honored Billie D. Harris for 67 years. 1Lt Harris, Billie, was shot down over France. He managed to avoid hitting the village of Les Ventes, as he crash landed. This did not go unnoticed by the (more…)

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